2017.07.13 Tracking Notice

2017.07.13 19:48


This is Minkyu Park who manage a CASEPUB.
I am very sorry to inform you of bad news.
Shipping is delaying by the korea post international shipping system error.
I am asking about the error and when can they solve this problem everyday every hour.
I make a strong protest with the korea post international shipping team against our customer’s waiting and inconvenience.
I will do my best to solve this situation until 18th of July.
Please accept my sincere apology.

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  • 2017년 July 14일 10:02 pm

    My order was placed on July 1, on July 2 I received an email that orders are flooding in so shipping will start from July 5. I was totally fine with that. On July 5, I was told my order is shipped and I received a tracking number. On the same day I received an email written in broken English saying something like "If you can track the No. mentioned in email, it is on delivery. But if not, it will be delayed 4-5 days".

    Indeed, the tracking shows invalid on both Korea and Japan (where I live) post tracking system. So I waited, and waited. Finally today, 2weeks after placing my order, 10days after they say my order has been shipped, the tracking is valid for the first time. It is said that my order is RECEIVED FROM SHIPPER today.

    If you cannot ship out orders, explain it to your customers and we will understand. Why lie about it? Why blame it to the post office? Apparently the package is not in the post office's hands until today...

    To anyone waiting for your order, expect your order to be shipped out 2weeks after your order is placed, no matter when they told you it is shipped.

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